Recruiting Sellers Is Critical. We'll Do It Together.

Our Seller Recruitment and Onboarding Module was built as a customer-centric product that holistically supports you in every step of the recruiting and onboarding process. Its four major components make it an invaluable tool:

  • Easy-to-manage application process
  • Tools to identify the “best fits”
  • Features that make it easy to manage internal resources
  • Training to help your sellers succeed right out of the gate
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MarketPush Seller Recruiting and Onboarding Module Offerings

Our intuitive and flexible supplier onboarding module reduces both implementation time and customer costs.

By making our product both intuitive and flexible, you reap the direct benefits of streamlined implementation and lower costs. Features include: recruiting templates, seller onboard tracking dashboard, ability to assign ownership to each stakeholder in the onboard process, a seller recruiting and onboarding wizard.

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Diminish Need for Investments

Beyond data input, output, and logging, our platform helps you to manage recruiting, application intake, onboarding progress, seller management, and reporting. As a result, our clients don't need to invest in outside technologies to manage their marketplace.

How We Put Users First

Unlike other marketplaces, we don't put the onus on the clients to learn the platform. In our environment, you receive step-by-step guidance:

  • How to get started
  • How to complete required processes
  • How to follow through on items that require maintenance

In addition, we show your sellers how to find the appropriate settings, load products, correct product errors, add offers, and configure their shipping setup.

Manage Seller Application Process

We make it easy for prospective sellers to apply, and our tools help you quickly determine good fits without the need for protracted background checks.

Provide Seller Onboarding and Training

We work with your existing infrastructure and automate how sellers get their products on your site. We also give our clients the tools to train their sellers on how to configure their marketplace storefront to their satisfaction.

Our Module Is Unique in the Industry

10 features and functions you won't find on competitors' platforms
  • Application management and storage
  • Application processing
  • Application vetting workflows
  • Abundant data endpoints
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Enhanced notifications and reminders
  • Training wizard
  • Onboarding-specific notifications
  • Seller analytics and focused reminders
  • Customizable dashboard with onboarding-specific reporting options

How do I get started?

Establish your very own profit-driving marketplace and manage it with a flexible SaaS platform built for B2B distributors.

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