Beyond SaaS Software: MarketPush Services Drive Your Success

MarketPush’s SaaS software directly services distributors seeking to launch a marketplace with a technology that suits their B2B-specific needs. As experienced B2B marketplace integrators, we have an intimate understanding of all the moving pieces required for a strong marketplace launch.

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In addition to our software, we have services that can be bundled with a software subscription or purchased during or after implementation. Let’s dig into these services:

Marketplace Analysis & Strategy

No single marketplace meets everyone’s needs. That’s why we work with you to determine the strategy that best aligns with your goals. For this service, MarketPush will:

  • Create a detailed plan to merge your new marketplace into your existing e-commerce distribution model
  • Provide the best research and experience-based recommendations to help create a winning marketplace strategy, maximizing your ROI
  • Define a go-to-market strategy that reduces internal business disruption
  • Forecast required resources with scalability in mind
  • Plan for regional and global expansion

Design Services

With years of UI/UX experience, our designers help bridge the gaps between your existing website and your new marketplace. Our team will tackle all of the following, in addition to any other pages and features you can imagine.

  • Updates to your existing e-commerce site
  • A brand-new site specifically for a marketplace (if applicable)
  • Marketplace-specific product pages
  • Mixed cart and customer checkout
  • Seller landing pages
  • Marketplace application page

Marketing Services

Together, we’ll develop strategies that help your marketplace find new customers. Here are some examples of the ways we’ll collaborate:

  • Build demand-gen campaigns
  • Leverage best-in-class marketing tools
  • Design and develop engaging marketing pages
  • Improve your marketplace-specific pages for SEO
  • Complement your SEO strategy with strategic search campaigns
  • Attract repeat visitors by creating relevant website content

MarketPush Marketplace Software Integration

When you purchase MarketPush’s Marketplace SaaS software, MarketPush will integrate it into your internal systems, eliminating the need for costly outsourcing of business professionals, designers, and developers. Following our tried-and-true processes, we take a logical, step-by-step approach to integration:

  1. Allocate an experienced development team
  2. Execute the project plan
  3. Schedule a regular cadence for meetings
  4. Assign tasks for execution
  5. Modify the project plan and schedules as needed
  6. Perform user acceptance testing
  1. Allocate an experienced development team
  2. Execute the project plan
  3. Schedule a regular cadence for meetings
  4. Assign tasks for execution
  5. Modify the project plan and schedules as needed
  6. Perform user acceptance testing

As part of the integration service, we include the following business roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Owner
  • Client Success Manager
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Senior Project Manager

And the following Technical roles:

  • Lead Senior Developer
  • Front-End and Back-End Developers
  • Data/Database Analysts
  • Solutions Architect
  • Quality Assurance Analysts

Seller Recruitment and Onboarding Services

MarketPush is not only experienced marketplace software developers, designers and integrators; we’re also the leader in B2B marketplace seller recruitment and onboarding. Our proven strategies and processes have allowed us to recruit and onboard thousands of new sellers to our clients’ websites.

As part of our recruiting service, we provide the following:

  • Expert B2B marketplace recruiters
  • List building
  • Recruitment email with content creation
  • Email campaigns with proven workflows
  • Prospect calling
  • Lead management
  • CRM configuration
  • Application page configuration

As part of our onboarding service, we provide the following:

  • Implementation of proven onboarding operational processes
  • CRM and reporting customization and optimization
  • Expert B2B marketplace onboarders
  • Live seller training
  • Customized training materials and documentation
  • Technical support

Tracking the Moving Parts

Now, you can envision the tangible benefits of a marketplace, but you still find the prospect of launching one both daunting and time-consuming. We got this: The MarketPush SaaS technology integrates easily with your current IT systems, and our spate of services will do the heavy lifting while setting the stage for success.

Our multi-pronged approach speaks to our attention to detail and commitment to customers:

  • An overarching strategy customized to align with your specific goals
  • A UI/UX design that will distinguish your e-commerce site
  • Collaborative marketing that will attract new customers
  • Recruiting and onboarding services that are our special sauce

At MarketPush, our commitment extends beyond the launch to the sustained success of our clients.

Have more questions? Get in touch with a MarketPush expert to see a marketplace in action or discuss how to help your company embrace the future of e-commerce. Email us at